Best way to learn mandarin — The best options and steps to learn Mandarin easily

Many individuals have the opinion that there is no best way to learn mandarin because they believe Chinese’ Mandarin language is the most difficult language to learn when the reverse is the case. Commitment and daily practice of Mandarin are the surest way to master the language within a relatively short time. There are quite a number of Mandarin schools all around the world, likewise there are a number of mandarin language resources online and in public libraries that can facilitate your learning.

The best way to learn mandarin is to start from the basics

Practicing the basic four mandarin tones is the first step towards learning the language. Different tones offer different meanings to the Mandarin language therefore you must learn the four tones of mandarin to speak the language fluently. The four tones of mandarin are;

• The first tone

• The second Tone,

• The Third tone, and

•Fourth tone.

The first tone of the mandarin language is a flat high tone where your voice stays flat without a dip or rise in the way your pronunciation sounds. For instance; “ma” is pronounced as “mā”. The second tone is a rising tone where you pronunciation rises from the low to the middle pitch. The second tone in mandarin language is represented as “má”. The third tone in the mandarin language is referred to as the dipping tone where the tone rises from middle to high. The third tone is often represented as “mǎ”. The fourth tone is a lowering tone that lowers sharply from high to low tone. This is represented with the symbol – “mà”.

The best way to learn mandarin- memorize the simple mandarin vocabulary

The best way to learn mandarin is to recite and master the simple vocabularies in it. Mandarin vocabulary words such as; zǎo shàng,  xià wǔ,  wǎn shàng , tóu, jiǎo, shǒu,  niú ròu, jī, jī dàn, and miàn tiáo means ; afternoon, evening, head, feet, hands, beef, chicken , egg , and noodles respectively. It will be ideal for you to keep a notebook when you go out and attach simple mandarin names to common home appliances in order to remind yourself about such names easily. Accuracy is very important in mandarin language; therefore it will be of no use learning mandarin words without learning how to pronounce them properly. The words mā and má in mandarin are two different meanings.

The best way to learn mandarin is to learn how to count

The best way to learn mandarin numeracy is to memorize the first ten numbers, doing this will help you learn quickly the bigger figures. The first 10 numbers in the mandarin language are represented with the following symbols;

• number 1 is written as;   (一) or yī

•number 2 is written as ;(二) or èr

• number 3 is written as ;(三) or sān

• number 4 is written as ;(四) or sì

• number 5 is written as; (五) or wǔ

• number 6 is written as ; (六) or liù

•  number 7 is written as ; (七) or qī

• number 8 is written as ;  (八) or bā

• number 9 is written as;  (九) or jiǔ

• number 10 is written as ; (十) or shí


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